Knowledge Base Articles

Project Background

This project was completed for CareerBuilder in the summer of 2017. The purpose of this project was to create a self-service knowledge base of articles for clients who use CareerBuilder’s software.

Software Used

  • Microsoft Word
  • Snagit
  • Salesforce Knowledge

Project Role

For this project I created around 200 support articles for different CareerBuilder software products within a 2 month timeframe.

Work Process

My process to create each article was as follows:

  • Translated technical content into clear, concise, easy to follow instructions in a Word document
  • Used Snagit to capture software screenshots
  • Created an external-facing article in Salesforce Knowledge tagged with the product name and type of article (FAQ, Troubleshooting. etc.)
  • Copied/pasted text from Word and uploaded screenshots into Salesforce article
  • Published article to knowledge base after review/approval process was complete

Published Samples

Below are samples of the knowledge base articles I’ve created. Click an article to view it live.

“How to Buy a Job Posting” Article

“How to Enter Candidate Answers” Article

More about Natane Chomicki

I'm a Los Angeles-based eLearning developer with a passion for creating engaging, user-friendly multimedia content and learning experiences.