Video Tutorials

Project Background

These videos were completed for CareerBuilder in the winter of 2017 as part of an ongoing, long-term project. The purpose of this project is to create and update video tutorials to provide self-service resources for clients who use CareerBuilder’s software.

Software Used

  • Microsoft Word
  • Audacity
  • Snagit
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Brainshark
  • Wistia
  • Microsoft OneDrive

Project Role

For this project, I have created or updated more than 60 videos to date for different CareerBuilder software products.

Work Process

My process for developing video tutorials is as follows:

  • Write script/create storyboard in Microsoft Word
  • Submit script/storyboard for approval
  • Forward approved script to narrator for recording
  • Edit raw audio narration files in Audacity (normalize levels, remove background noise, etc.)
  • Use Adobe Captivate and/or Snagit to capture software screenshots and video
  • Edit screen captures together with graphics, music, audio narration & animated effects in Captivate
  • Publish as MP4 and submit for review
  • Revise and re-submit according to feedback
  • Upload approved MP4 to Brainshark and Wistia and project files to Microsoft OneDrive

Published Samples

Below are samples of the video tutorials I’ve created. Click an image to view the live video.

“Conducting an Intake Meeting” Video

“Our Data Sources” Video

More about Natane Chomicki

I'm a Los Angeles-based eLearning developer with a passion for creating engaging, user-friendly multimedia content and learning experiences.